In Session 1, you will learn the in and outs of coaching training, certifications, and ICF credentialing and how they might relate to different coaching business structures. We will explore internal and external coaching models and help you find the best fit for you. The main focus in Session 1 is for you to decide whether you want to earn a credential (if you don't already have one) and the steps necessary, and to begin thinking about what coaching market best suits the business you envision. 


  1. Understand coach training and credentialing

  2. Decide which coaching markets best align with your training and credentialing goals

Each participant will have an opportunity to share thoughts, ask questions, and get coached around how they envision their business and what foundational pieces they will need to bring it into reality.

Group Coaching Practicum

The practicum this month will focus on  speaking life into your business vision. We will do a unique values exercise that will be foundational throughout each session as we move forward. What creates a sustainable and enjoyable business for each person is different. By the completion of this month's course and group coaching practicum you will have a deep understanding of how you want your business to look, feel, and perform.