We all got into coaching for different reasons. Some of us want to help people with their relationships, others want to help people get healthy, or to be better leaders. What brought you here matters. In this session, we will look at your why and tap into that passion. When your business is built on your inner why, it will set a fire in your heart and get you out of bed in the morning. Having a business that drives itself is the first step in sustainability.   


  1. Identify personal story

  2. Choose an area of impact

  3. Clarify transformation you are offering

  4. Create elevator pitch

Course Description

This session will be an emotional one. Together we will hear one another’s stories. We will listen for pain points, actions, and transformations. We are here to help others but not just anyone. Each of us has our own passionate focus on a particular sector of the population and when your business is built in the devotion of heartfelt impact, miracles happen.

Group Coaching Practicum

The practicum this month will help you understand the power in your story. You will have the opportunity to find specific story lines to share that will help potential clients feel connected and understood by you. Your story is the bridge that shows people that it is possible to get what it is they desire. Your peers and mentors in the practicum will help clarify and empower you to tell your story in a way that makes talking about it magnetic and enjoyable.