Session 3 is getting down to the structural and legal side of things. We will have a guest who specializes in legal and financial considerations, focused on the needs of coaches. Is an LLC or S Corp right for you? What really needs to be in your contract and how does it differ when you are working with individuals vs. organizations? If you’ve had questions like these or anything else legal or financial, this is where you can have your questions answered.


  1. Contract basics

  2. Which business designation is the best fit for you

  3. Insurance needs

  4. Tax considerations

  5. Impact on operating costs

Course Description

What is it really going to take to have a legit business? What can you expect when you file your first tax return? What do you need to document? What licenses do you need? Based on your type of business and sector of impact, our experts will have answers to help you find the best structure for your long-term business plan. Be prepared to take notes and ask questions. This session will be filled with very valuable information.

Group Coaching Practicum

The practicum this month will be focused on identifying what your business will need and begin putting these structural pieces together. We will take the content from the class deeper into your needs. You will get feedback from the group and support in designing your action steps.