As coaches, we can help almost anyone in any situation, but when it comes to marketing, specificity matters. You need to know who your ideal clients are in order to find them. In this session, you will get clear about who your ideal client is, what they need, and how you can provide it. Taking into account your strengths and past experiences, you will find your unique offerings and rates.


  1. Identify target market

  2. Create an ideal client profile

  3. Clarify what needs and problems they have

  4. Choose 3 revenue-generating offerings

  5. Decide on pricing

Course Description

We will share positive and negative client experiences to identify what traits, values, and other descriptive ways to clarify your favorite types of clients. Then you will take it deeper to understand what their “problems” are and ways you can help them. While this may sound heady, you can expect a fun and collaborative conversation. We will utilize our unique dynamic to put our heads together to help you create exciting and unique ways to package the transformation you offer your clients. You’ll gain clarity and insight on ways that you are able to deliver your services and choose those that are best for you. Then taking into consideration who you are selling to, you will get support and feedback in choosing your price points.

Group Coaching Practicum

The practicum this month will be focused on helping you know your ideal client inside and out. Together we will create your client profile and discuss ways that this will support your current and future marketing strategy. The creative process of putting together engaging and enticing coaching packages is one we can get lost in. Services that sell are ones that clearly offer the transformation the client is looking for. This month our practicum will get hands-on and sort through the good, bad, and curious ideas with the intention to develop offerings unique to you.