Your marketing is working, and you have a pool of potential clients. Now what? In this session, you will learn how to take a prospect and turn it into a paid contract. Selling a service that creates internal shifts and soft skills is a different ball game than one with a solid ROI. We will look at the nuances of selling personal and professional transformation. You will learn how to talk about your value proposition and rates and learn ways to help potential clients invest in themselves. 


  1. Learn how to communicate the value of coaching

  2. Learn different sales strategies for different clientele

  3. Learn basic flow for discovery sessions and proposals

  4. Create onboarding/offboarding processes

Course Description

Knowing the transformation that coaching provides is key to being able to sell your services. Whether your clients are individuals or organizations, your job is to communicate the value of coaching in a way that is moving enough to inspire them to invest in a coaching relationship with you. As a group, we will brainstorm ways to communicate about your services to create a living document of the value your services offer. You will learn how to position your services and use your coaching skills to make sales in a way that feels non-salesy and starts the coaching relationship with your new client on a foundation of comfort and trust.

Group Coaching Practicum

This month's practicum will focus on clarifying YOUR approach while creating the documents needed and scripts that help you build confidence in sales. You will learn ways to shift your mindset to one that primes your potential clients to want to work with you and ways to address their objections from a coach approach. Making sales FEEL GOOD for YOU will be our key outcome this month.