Your foundation is set, and it’s time to launch. In this session, we will take everything you have created over the last 8 months to put it into a pretty package, aka a business plan. While you can create a business without a business plan, research shows that you are less likely to set specific and measurable goals and to reach them. So we are bringing in the experts. We will have a guest speaker to teach you the key elements and how the information will serve your business and create opportunities to receive financial support. You will begin writing your business plan with the guidance and support of mentors and peers.    


  1. Learn what makes a good business plan

  2. Choose key elements based on the intended outcome

  3. Create business plan overview and begin detailed content

Course Description

Having a business plan can serve many purposes and depending on what you want to get out of having a business plan will determine what you need to focus on. You will learn what you need to have in your business plan and how to word it in order to secure investors and present your business to potential partners and agencies.

Group Coaching Practicum

This month we will focus on answering questions and putting pen to paper.  By the end of this month, you will have a clear, engaging, and complete business plan.